Kulani Sewing Project


Over the years, sewing has proven to be a skill that is valuable in our daily lives, but also an undying art for those who perfect their skills to pursue a career in creating something beautiful from a simple piece of cloth.

We have partnered with an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable seamstress, Joana who, due to many unfortunate COVID-related circumstances, lost her permanent employment. Having had experience with Joana’s workmanship over the past few years in a private capacity, we decided to reach out to her and assist where we could in getting her up and running, with a reliable flow of income.

We have a team of trainee seamstresses who have been enjoying the process of learning a new skill and are flourishing in the work that they are doing. We have begun to assist in creating a range of products for these ladies to sell and will continue to assist in the mentorship process as their team grows.

The sewing project is based at the Mapusha Weaving Co-Operative, where they will work closely together in creating items that cross mediums, mixing weaving, sewing, macrame, crochet and knitting – all in one space.